Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

The day started nice early with a great start to a great rotation day. We awoke to the smell of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. As we sat at breakfast enjoying our meal, we heard what was in store for the day. Once our stomachs were full and the bowls were empty, we started to do our dishes. We were running a bit late but because of our first rotation was on our boat, it wasn’t a big deal. Our first rotation was making Turk’s Head bracelets. There is no start and no finish, which makes them so cool. Now we finally after weeks of wondering how to make them, have learned. At first, everyone was so confused and could not figure out how to make them, but eventually everyone got the hang of it. Even though everyone could do it, we ran into some situations where the rope was not quite long enough to fit around someone’s whole ankle. We quickly fixed this problem though by burning two lines together. Eventually our time was up and it was time for watersports. Although most people went, not everyone did. Some were tired and even exhausted from the previous days so they took the time to relax and sit down. When the people who did start to do water sports came back, we started to prepare lunch Today was vegetable soup. Again, we did the dishes and prepared for our next activity, SCUBA DIVING! This was our third open water dive and was by far the best. We saw baby angelfish, stingrays, eels and much, much more fascinating sea life. After a long and difficult dive, we were supposed to be back onto our boat and watch a movie, but Emma had a surprise for us- a huge boat cleaning instead! Although most of the boats would be upset if they were forced to clean, we were so excited. After we got the news we went to work fast cleaning everything from the head to the deck, we finished our clean up we had to get dressed for the BBQ. We arrived earlier than most boats which means one thing; shorter food lines! For the rest of the night we talked with other boats like Calypso, Sailing Curls, Caribbean Soul and even the Lifeworks boat Luna Kahuna. Overall, it was another great day!