Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We had a quick start to this morning waking up to our morning music. We started off the day with a cereal morning consisting of frosted flakes, cheerios, and frosted mini wheats with milk. We were all excited to go to shore where we got to go to gift shops, scuba shops, and get a fulfilling lunch. Today was a special day to be skipper because today we had a sailing race from West End to Peter Island. I was skipper so I guided the boat off of the mooring ball, around the marina, and eventually navigated is to the starting line. We finished last but really we won because we were bonding the whole way, switching positions and jobs. Before that, though our basic sailors practiced the man overboard drills, everyone doing a great job. We finished off the race arriving in Great Harbor swimming, showering, and getting ready for Mexican night. I read the skipper quote and started dinner. Following dinner we asked our questions, getting all heartfelt answers out of all of our shipmates. We finished with our Sailing Curls ritual and began cleanup and got ready for our Lifeworks Forum. We set up our beds, hammocks, and cabins to get ready for a good night’s sleep. We need it,┬ábecause tomorrow, day 14, we are going to dive the Rhone which everyone is excited about. date: Aug 11, 2017