Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

As the sun rose in the islands, the shipmates were up bright and early eager to start the day. As always, the chefs made an amazing meal of oatmeal and fresh fruit, and after a quick cleanup, we began activities. Some of us finished up our last sets of scuba skills, while others got the opportunity to practice waterskiing and wakeboarding. Next, we headed back to our boat to relax for a bit and practice sailing small boats called Picos. We’re all learning so fast and getting the hang of it! After lunch, we headed to Muskmelon Bay to master some more scuba skills in an open water dive. The dive was awesome, and the aquatic life was unbeatable! After sailing a short way, we all got ready for our beach BBQ. The burgers were delicious and getting time to spend with other boats is always a treat! As the night comes to a close, we all sit on the bow exchanging stories and bonding even more than we already have. As we approach our last week in the Caribbean, we look forward to reuniting with our friends and family, while we dread leaving the new family we’ve formed here.