Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

To start the day we had scrambled eggs with muffins and fruit. Very quickly afterward, the Storm Troopers (shipmates on Celestial Storm) began to set up our gear for the 3rd open water dive for most shipmates. During our dive on the Sand Highway, we explored the coral reefs, spotted several fish, and many moon jellyfish. We dove for about 40 minutes to 60ft! Our next rotation was learning to make Turk’s Head bracelets with Ian. At first, learning to weave the bracelets seemed impossible, and then Natalie came and showed us so that we could understand. Next, we had a lunch of tortilla soup and far too many saltines. After lunch, the shipmates broke into groups to ski, wakeboard, and kneeboard. Shortly after we began to get into the rhythm of things, the media crew came out with a drone to take pictures/videos of the various shipmates as we attempted to do tricks. Our last rotation was once again with Ian. He showed us the systems within the boat and how different power sources allow the boat to function in possible emergency situations. Following that, we began motoring to Sommer’s Beach for another BBQ. We will anchor at Sommer’s Beach tonight. For the rest of tonight, there is the possibility of movie night, unless the BBQ runs late. As or right now, we are unsure of tomorrow’s plans but look forward to yet another eventful day.