Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning we got up and immediately it became the best because we had pancakes that we could eat. Our record for consecutive flips was five. Breakfasts are always the best meal. We did sailing circles, they are a simple drill, and we weren’t really going as fast as we could go. Once we really got out of our protected cove and unfurled the jib we started going. We had a solid 3 hour sail. On day 5 we had a lot of wind and fully un-reefed our sails, but it was a rough ride and kept us from keeping a straight course and waves soaked us. Today we had none of these problems. The wind was a solid 15 knots and blowing the same way as the current so the boat was sailing a lot better. We took our time all day on a starboard tack, hitting a solid 7 knots. Throughout the day we transitioned from the leeward side of the islands to the windward side. The leeward side is known for its white sandy beaches, but the windward side is much more pristine, with enormous rock formations stretching throughout. Today was hard to beat.