Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

The day started out with cereal because of a tardy wakeup. Most of the crew was ready for the first activities, which were usually about an hour after breakfast. First rotation was waterskiing, something that most of us were excited about. After a quick waterski, then we all headed to Joie de Vivre to learn how to make knots. We ended up chilling on deck and talking about home. For the large majority of the crew this is the first experience ever living on a boat. After a quick talk with one another we all came to the conclusion that the things we take for granted at home like space, water, and food, are so important. For us living on a boat we understand how important teamwork is. Without it we would have never been able to fix problems with engines, sails, and the occasional food disasters that occur on the boat. The part I love most about the boat though is the people, living on a boat is hard with others. But somehow we all manage to function like a big family, like one big boat sailing, Caribbean cruising family. I love it.