Location: Marina Cay

We woke up at 6:45 and were in the water by 8 working on performing “demonstration quality” skills and in water rescues. We picked up anchor at 10 o’clock to head to port. On the way there Cha Cha surprised us with a stop at The Dogs for a dive. We stopped to pick up tanks, but due to a compressor malfunction there were no enough tanks available. Fortunately we are all “Surprisingly” good snorkelers and were able to still see the beautiful reef below. The next stop we made was to Trellis Bay to grab lunch and stock up on essentials like candy, soda, and cold water. After an hour of shore time enjoying the WiFi we headed to Marina Cay to fill up our fresh water tanks and top off the fuel in the dinghies. We dropped anchor and spent some time with Simon doing scuba theory review. Later, Katja and I headed out on a dinghy where I learned to drive while also picking up our coffee percolator and some new food. For dinner we had tortellini. During cleanup Jordan fell into the water while getting into a dinghy to help pick up fresh linens.