Location: Marina Cay

Day 11 began with an early 6:30 am wake-up, followed by a breakfast which consisted of cereal and bagels with cream cheese. We finished breakfast quickly and began our sail to Marina Cay. Today was our last day, mainly dedicated to sailing before our practical exam. Everyone got a chance to be the helmsman and to rotate to the other positions. For lunch, we hove to in the middle of our course. We arrived at Marina Cay at around 3:30 and refilled water for the boat. Then we boarded another boat called Sambamba, wherein groups of 8 we took dinghies to Trellis Bay. We had an hour and a half to walk around, eat/buy food, and use our phone. After that, we came back to the boat for a quick tortellini dinner. Then we had our second Lifeworks Forum with Mike to end off the day.