Location: Marina Cay

Today started when everybody woke up and went outside we realized that we were in a completely different place than the night before. We found ourselves at a scuba site called the Chimneys. Since our boat was the first to be scuba diving, by 8am we found ourselves 40ft under water with a belly full of cereal. In the dive I saw many cool fish, various types of coral reef, and a huge lobster. After the dive everyone on Sailing Curls did some boat appreciation and cleaned the boat inside out using a jumbo box of Clorox wipes and a gallon of bleach. Once we got our boat clean we were rewarded with a movie day. We watched non other than the legendary Monsters, Inc. Right as the movie finished we went up for a yummy lunch of quesadillas and salsa. Once lunch ended the boat set off again to a small island called Marina Cay. We got to a small island called Marina Cay. We got to have some time with our phones to call our parents and also explore the only store on the island. We later headed back to the boat for a delicious dinner of cheese tortellini and tomato sauce with Gwen’s famous garlic bread. Once dinner and clean up ended everyone on our boat headed to Marina Cay to join with the whole program for an eye-opening Lifeworks forum. Afterwards everyone’s eyelids were drooping because they were so tired, so we headed back to the boat to go to bed. What a day!