Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up bright and early to sail to Great Dog island. We ended up arriving very first, so David decided it would be a good idea if we deep cleaned the boat from top to bottom. Although it wasn’t great cleaning the toilets, we made the cleaning fun by blasting music. Afterward, we set up a rope swing off the boat and had a couple of hours just chilling on the boat. Later followed by an epic scuba dive (our second open water dive), where Megan, Margaux, and I saw the coolest fish and got to dance on the bottom of the ocean. The rest of the day was an interesting time. First, we had silent karaoke, where Nicole, Megan, Roberto, and I had a competition singing. I’d say I won! The last part of our day was going to meet every other boat for a Lifeworks talk. We listened to a recording that touched many of the students there. Overall this was a very chill day, but a very memorable one that I will never forget.