Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up to solid bagels and yogurt for breakfast, then quickly readied the boat so it could be moved to the dive site. Shortly after this, we were all shuttled to Breakaway to allow for the other groups to dive. Once there most of us got the chance to sail the Zests around the anchorage. After about two hours of this combined with us all having fun jumping off the boat, we had lunch then all hopped on the ski boats for a chance to do some watersports. Next, we all got back on Breakaway and went sailing as a group. We did some practice with tacking, but we dropped the winch handle in the water, preventing us from pulling in the sail while moving. After doing some drills we came back into the anchorage and were shuttled back to our boat, where we soon set up a very fun halyard swing. After that, we had a very good Thanksgiving dinner then headed to bed.