Location: Marina Cay

Today started off incredibly busy. We had our shipmates in for their second open water dive! Everyone was all smiles as we surfaced. Fish, coral and even a white tip reef shark were spotted in the crystal clear waters of Great Dog. After our divers were done, three other boats came to our boat to do their dives. The divemasters and other Vegas all gladly helped everyone get into and out of their gear with ample time between dives to do flips, snorkel, and do tank runs. The divemasters went on a mapping snorkel and dive to practice dive-mapping skills. Our lunch of quesadillas was kindly made by Madeline, Gus and Casey. Our boat wolfed down the meal, as per usual, and no eat offs were needed as all of them were eaten. Next, we sailed to Marina Cay, where we filled up on water and had a few minutes of shore time. Now the chefs are making tortellini as we prepare for our Lifeworks Forum on Marina Cay tonight.