Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, once again, began with a bright and early wake-up at 6 am. We then enjoyed a delicious breakfast of bagels and yogurt. Afterward, we went straight to diving, which excitingly is the first open water dive. It was a beautiful dive at the incredible Mountain Point. After the Vegas surfaced, the regaled the advanced divers with their tales. My favorite quotes from them include, “yeah, I saw like eight turtles,” “wow! that was easier than I thought,” and my personal favorite “I’m pretty sure I could be advanced, it’s just breathing air.” After that, the rest of the day was rotations, including a guy vs. girl Pico race and mooring practice. After all of this, we had an incredible Thanksgiving dinner, which, regardless of the fact that it is mid-July, was awesome. We ended the day with full bellies and happy minds.