Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an amazing day!! The day started out waking up on the hammocks with my two friends beside me! This morning we ate delicious bagels and yogurt with fruit. After breakfast, we cleaned up and Madeline and I sailed around on the Picos. After we played around on the sailboats, Madeline, Lila, Eli, and I all went to Midnatt Solen to go wakeboarding and knee boarding! Jake was in a crazy outfit and had a mullet on (he’s great at taking people wakeboarding). Next, we all came back to Sambamba to eat a delicious grilled cheese and more fruit. Then we went to Surprise to go diving at Mountain Point! I saw huge parrotfish, trumpet fish, octopus and a giant barracuda. The visibility was amazing and the water is super warm. After diving, we came back to Sambamba and had a wonderful dinner, and then we put up our hammocks and had, a great sleep after a long day in paradise.