Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a very fun night filled with the nightly squeeze, and an interesting experience, we were almost done when Lily spotted a baby and a mother dolphin around 40ft away from us, Pip one of our dive instructors dove in after it and was followed by everyone. We swam around chasing it for about 15 minutes before we finished our squeeze and had our second night dive. Anyway, back to today, it was an awesome day. We started off by motoring to our second wreck dive on a sunken ship named the Fearless. It was so cool, most of the ship’s body was intact unlike our first wreck dive on the Rhone. After that we let the waves take the wheel and floated for a while, which gave all of us time for a long nap. We sailed back to GHP where we had our second dive of the day , which was our second independent navigation dive. Everyone got into a group and the dive instructors let us roam free to test our navigation abilities. The 14 year olds which were me, Jackson, Thiago, Francesca and Levi were followed by Alisa, one of our dive instructors but she didn’t help us navigate. Now we are all relaxing, waiting for our Thanksgiving dinner! It’s lit!