Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started with a bagel breakfast to wake us up. Our first rotation was our PADI final exam. Then it was off to Rossi for watersports. I’m not a huge fan of watersports, but it was a pretty good time. We took a break from the action for a big lunch of grilled cheese to give us energy for our first “real” dive. The dive was great! We went the deepest we have ever dove before (30 feet). There was plenty of coral, cool fish, and other marine life for us to observe down there. The next rotation was making Turk’s Head bracelets, so we all have some snazzy jewelry now. Dinner was a Thanksgiving feast complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Dinner was finished up with Felipe’s birthday celebration. We all got cake and brownies, which was awesome because it has been a while since we have eaten cake. Today was an all-around great day on the water. Happy birthday Felipe!