Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a long day of diving! We woke up and had breakfast burritos and muffins. YUM! hen we all got our dive gear together and the neptunes left to work on their wreck diving certification. The dolphins stayed on Adonis and did a research dive with transects and quadrats to practice gathering data for our final projects and to work closer to our research diver specialties. After the dive we got to dissect starfish and look at their insides. While we were doing this, Taylor made grilled cheese for lunch. The neptunes met us back on board and then we motored to a place in Great Harbour Peter where we would be able to dive a wreck called the “Fearless.” As a dolphin we were tasked with finding and identifying different vertebrates, invertebrates, and a couple of plants. While my group was not able to fins the wreck and surfaced at the wrong place and received a slow clap from Marina and the rest of our shipmates, it was still very fin! I brought out my coloring book and we colored before dinner which was summertime Thanksgiving! Tonight we are gearing up for a movie night!