Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day off swimmingly with a sleep in until seven. After a delicious breakfast of build-yourself breakfast burritos, it was go, go, to! The rescue divers headed over to Catalinaville for a busy day of various rescue scenarios, and the Neptunes went to Rangitoto Too for a wreck dive. We Dolphins went to Great White for our first research dive. We counted the various types of coral, sponges and algae in different quadrants along the reef at GHP, Peter Island. After our research dive, we got back onto Great White for a starfish dissection. It was really cool to cut one up and look at everything from their gonads to their two stomachs. After the dissection, we said goodbye to our friends at Great White and rejoined the Neptunes on Shazam for a lunch of grilled cheese. It was delicious! After lunch, we worked on our fish ID’s and then got our dive gear for our second naturalist dive at the Fearless: a purposefully sunk boat near GHP. The dive was different from all of our other dives because we went all by ourselves! We found the wreck after two minutes and then we swam around for a little bit while looking for different examples of symbiosis. After the dive, the research divers returned in time for chill time. I spent the chill time reading, writing and talking to Oscar. Some people went water skiing and wakeboarding. We took freshwater showers and ate dinner under a beautiful, Caribbean sunset! We’re off to Catalinaville for a movie night soon. Tomorrow we’ll be on shore, so parents: keep your phones on and ready to talk to your kids! Shazam!