Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Wow wow wow wow wow. I literally cannot believe that one third of our time here in the BVI with each other has come and gone. I honestly would’ve never expected to make some of the closest friends I have ever had. Every day is a new adventure that we make our own. Today we did our first open water dive at Mountain Point and golly-gee it was beautiful. There were so many beautiful creatures that you couldn’t imagine. After that, we went to the Turks station where we made really cool bracelets/anklets. After David, Anna, Ethan, and I finished ours we all went on the bow of the ship and took a nap. The next station was the man overboard station, which was really cool and what not because it taught us real life skills in case that were ever to happen. Then- dun dun dun- our big scuba exam. Literally everyone was scared they were gonna fail, so we studied for a hot minute. Let’s just say that a boat that studies together passes together. Anyways, every night we play music, which turns in to me screaming the words while simultaneously contorting my body in an attempt to “dance”. Anywho for dinner we had Thanksgiving and during this Ryan and I played “what are the odds” which is like truth or dare but with only dares. So, Ryan dared me to grab the saltshaker, pour it on our staff Casey’s feet, and say “why are you so salty?” Long story short, I lost and had to do the dare and couldn’t do it without first laughing hysterically.