Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes (thanks chefs)! Later on, we did our last round of watersports. Fiona, Morgan, Bridget, and I went together, and we rotated between wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and waterskiing. Afterward, we had the best swim time EVER! We practiced our jumps. We later got our boat ready and motored over to Road Town, the capital. We were there for around 2 hours, and the whole boat ate together at a place called Pusser’s. The girls, later on, got smoothies and we all headed back to our boat. We then sailed to The Bight, the same place where we spent our second night (our ship is now so much closer together). We then had our last salt water shower, and the staff headed to a meeting while we cooked and ate dinner (cheddar broccoli pasta). Then we cleaned up and chilled while waiting for the staff to finish their meeting. Later on, we all talked about our trip and how fast it all went, and we ended the night with an AQ tradition. This consisted of writing a letter to every shipmate and our staff which we will get right before we leave. Today was an amazing day, and I can’t believe our trip is almost over.