Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started our day with French Toast for breakfast while the counselors left for a meeting. Then we were given an amazing opportunity to help clean up the trash in Cane Garden Bay with the British Marines. Because I was the skipper today, I got to go to the meeting to plan out the dive for the trash clean up. After I helped brief the rest of the boat on what our plan was, we divided into groups and started to get our gear on. Picking up the trash was really fun because we found a ton of stuff that I didn’t expect to see. We found lawn chairs, bottles, cups and a lot of scrap materials from the hurricane. After diving, we sat down to eat ramen for lunch. Then, we all hung out while Keally and Angel made franks and beans for dinner. Mike came over to eat dinner with us and to play a postcard game. Shortly after that, we went to ‘Half A Bubble Off’ to end the day with a lifeworks forum about goals.