Location: West End, Tortola

The ET (Entertainer) crew is finally wrapping up our voyage. Sad as it is, we are all ready for a return to life on land. We all woke up and ate some cereal for breakfast. We all thoroughly enjoyed our last breakfast on the boat! After that, we chilled for a bit in ‘The Bight’ and got ready for our last dive at the Indians. We motored over there, set up our gear, and splashed in the water. The dive was phenomenal! There were so many different fishes and corals to see, and the rock outcrops made the topography very interesting. All around, it was one of my favorite dives of all time! After that, we returned any AQ dive gear we had and began motoring back to West End, where the cleaning commenced. Our quest to make the boat as spotless as when we first arrived began. We put on some good music and got cracking. Everyone pitched in to help, whether it was cleaning the heads or washing the deck. After we finished the cleaning, we had the flag auction and signing. Then, we had our final BBQ. The burgers were delicious! After that, we went back to the boat for our final squeeze. It’s hard to believe this trip is finally coming to an end. The ET crew has shared some unforgettable memories, and I’m sure we’ll all stay friends for life. It’s been a crazy, fun and all round incredible 21 days!