Location: West Dog

August 5. 2011. Today was the day a champion was born. Four men entered and only one returned with the pride of victory. The Caribbean Triple Crown. A battle of guts, manhood and stupidity. The rounds consisted of First the Cinnamon Challenge. Clovis grabbed a heaping spoonful and wasn’t able to keep it in, and was eliminated from the Triple Crown. Yanni fell to a similar fate and was also eliminated. Leo and Riley battled it out and prevailed leaving Matty and Greg no choice but to put both of them face to face with the saltine Challenge. Six saltines without water. Seemingly an easy task but they had to each do it in under a minute. Both failed disappointingly, but there had to be a tiebreaker. Leo and Riley were still clearing out the left over saltines when Greg walked out of the galley with two gallons of maple syrup. And thus the Syrup Challenge was born. Whoever could finish one cup first wins. Riley and Leo both started chugging. Leo finishes seamlessly and wins the Caribbean Triple Crown. Earlier in the day everyone went out to wakeboard and kneeboard. I personally believe I had the best faceplant of the year, but that’s just me. Once we had settled in our final destination of the day the shipmates hopped off the boat for a snorkel during which I found a nurse shark and others found a large group of jellyfish.