Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today started as a slow day because we had an extra member on the boat in the morning. Little Dan stayed the night because we had a long day of rescue activities the previous day. We then made pancakes for breakfast, and they were amazing. After breakfast, we got ready to head to port in Road Town. Everyone had a great time in Road Town getting lunch and buying food at the grocery store. After Road Town, we got ready to start the race to The Bight. Once the race started we had to slow down to fix an issue with another boat, so we had to pull in our dingy to let one of the staff off to go and help. Even though this made us lose the race, it made the race so much more interesting and fun! After the race, we anchored at The Bight and made dinner which was pasta with broccoli. After dinner, we started to write our cards for everyone. We are ending the day the best way possible in my opinion.