Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We were briefed on a chaotic day that would be day 15 in the evening of day 14. We voted for a time to wake up and 5:30 AM was the winner. Mo woke us up with a glorious rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. After a briefing consisting of behavior, safety, and directions, we set off on the 7-mile hike up and down Mount Sage, the tallest point in all of the Virgin Islands, located on the island of Tortola. For Chris it took 39 minutes to reach the top, others, two hours. Following the hot and sweaty hike, people rewarded themselves with ice cream and lunch. A few hours later a sandcastle building contest commenced. Our boat chose to make an ancient AQ logo with a compass rose on it. At this time the winner of the contest is unknown. Currently, a barbecue at Sidney’s Peace and Love is soon to begin. Overall it was simultaneously the busiest and most exciting day of the session so far.