Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

We had a nice early start today with all our alarms going off together. I went for an early swim and we then had breakfast. We then had a talk with all the Dolphins, learning about the tides, wave formations, and about navigation underwater. With all of the exciting stuff out of the way we all kitted up and hit the water. The dive was pretty awesome and I got to hold a hermit crab in my hand that was less than an inch long while Jamie noted it down for our fish ID project. When we surfaced we quickly changed and we were off motoring on to the next dive site. A wreck! Half the way there we raised our sails and made quick progress while some of us had a nice snooze in the sun. The second dive site was pretty wavy so we quickly got in the water. This dive was awesome! We were going around a 100 year old wreck with a massive propeller. This was also my deepest dive as of yet getting up to 70 feet! In addition to the wreck there were bucket loads of different fish and plants/coral. After the dive we had quite a long sail to where we are staying for the night, where we had our second snooze in the sun of the day! We had a nice swim and a shower and a laugh watching the chefs cook dinner. One of the funniest parts of the day was rapping this blog while Kris laid down a beat and Meghann danced!