Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was pretty awesome. I started off the day with a delicious bowl of fruit loops and enjoyed the sunrise. We were on our way to the RMS Rhone wreck- a giant shipwreck off of the coast of Salt Island. The Rhone was deemed unsinkable just like the Titanic. The ship ran into a hurricane and struck a submerged rock. Then the people of Salt Island recovered the survivors and the perished. The Queen of England was so pleased with their valor that in return she gave the residents the island and made them exempt from all taxes in return for a pound of salt each year. The salt is still used by the queen on Christmas dinner to this day! The Dolphins practiced their underwater digital photography and we saw a sea turtle! The Neptunes saw a black tip reef shark too! After our dive, we hiked Salt Island and took blog photos. When we got back to the boat I helped the chefs prepare the best lunch ever, grilled cheese. I had tomato in mine. We ate these grilled cheeses as soon as they came out. We then snorkeled the site that we are going to dive tonight. Then, the Dolphins worked on their project proposals. All five of us are working together on the effects that excess sediment has on hard coral. I am so excited about our research dives! Meanwhile, the Neptunes ripped on the water skis and wakeboard. Later we sat down for another great meal, Mexican dinner! I am so full. We are about to go night dive, see you on the flip side!