Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

A sizzling, a low thumping, and a piano. The crew groaned in exhaustion. Then came the saxophone. We were roused by a Charlie Parker wake-up song. A breakfast of banana pancakes over the Caribbean sunrise, backed by Charles Mingus’ “Bird Calls,” was eaten. A lengthy cleanup period followed. This fed into a navigation nightmare with four people shouting about the chart table over true north vs. deviated magnetic compass north. Ten minutes later, water was skied on. We then sailed across the Sir Francis Drake channel to Road Town on Tortola, where we prowled for about two hours. A friendly race with Laurasia and Tanis Marie ensued. Laurasia took the victory. During this race, a small, drippy, white and brown glob appeared on the mainsail, presumably from a bird. This was followed by dinner, and the closing shot was one of Cole attempting to smack down a swarm of ravenous seagulls.