Location: Quito to the Andes

After a morning of much needed sleeping in, the group departed for the Andes at nine, all of us anticipating the four-hour drive. To our dismay, our route was intercepted by a bike race, and we sat in motionless traffic for an hour or two. We arrived at the Black Sheep Inn around 2. They have the coolest bathrooms I’ve ever seen! We ate lunch and went for a hike shortly after. The mountains were beautiful, and the surrounding area was so quiet that we could hear individual barks and moos from hundreds of feet below us. Halfway through our hike, the path ended, and we resorted to running down a steep hill. While I was going down the hill, I gained so much momentum for my small body that I fell forward into a roll and was somehow able to come out of it still standing. Javier then said that my roll was very “ninja” like and it was his new high of the day! After our hike we had dinner at the lodge, had a group discussion in the beautiful yoga studio and retreated to our rooms happily exhausted.