Location: Anegada

Today was incredible, apart from the fact that we were waking up at 4:30 am to sail to Anegada. The ride was about 4 hours and very wavy. Once we arrived, we were dropped off at the beach and relaxed there for a couple of hours, The water was gorgeous! After the beach, we set out for our dive at the wreck of the Chickuzen. The dive made all of us forget about the waves and rocking of the boat. Although it was a short dive, it was without a doubt the best dive yet! We saw massive schools of fish, barracudas, a stingray, and even a shark! The visibility was amazing! Lauren said it was the best in years. It was my first wreck dive, and it could not have been more perfect! We headed to Cooper Island to set up for the night after. Dinner was great and now we’re all relaxing and hanging. I think I’m going to sleep well tonight.