Location: Marina Cay

What a day! After a full nights rest, we parted from Great Harbor Peter. We set sail for Road Harbor for a bit of shore time and refueling. We bought some t-shirts and snacks as well as called home for a while. Next, it was time to get in the water! We sailed around back around to Ginger Island for an afternoon dive. Alice In Wonderland was the name of our dive site, and to say the waves were choppy would be an understatement! We waddled into the water for a rather deep dive of around 60feet. There were many sites to see including sharks, barracuda, and lots of pretty coral. Later that afternoon, we headed down to Leverick Beach to lend a helping hand to the locals in cleaning up the remains of hurricane Irma. Lastly, we ate dinner and showered, and tonight we will have a lifeworks session. Can’t wait for another great day!