Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today overall was an awesome day. We got up this morning and it wasn’t as early a start as usual. We got to sleep to 7:30! Hahaha! Then our instructors proceeded to tell us we had two quizzes on knots and parts of the boat. While they told us this I realized I knew one out of seven knots and I knew zero of the names so I spent the next 2 hours cramming information into my brain! Luckily I had some pretty great shipmates who taught me everything I needed to know. We had breakfast this morning and the chefs (Caleb) did an awesome job. Next, we went out sailing and did man overboard drills I was skipper today, so I was the 1st person to take the helm and man was I terrified. Luckily again I succeeded with the help of my friends. After everyone went through the drills we made our way to where we were anchoring for the night. It began to rain so hard, but we all just danced through the rain. Once out of the storm we saw the cutest island ever. I got so excited because we found out the barbecue was there on that island. We came back home and took down below showers in the heads which was nice. Now I am finishing this blog while all of my friends attempt to distract me. date: Aug 10, 2017