Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started early with oatmeal underway, on our way to the Baths. We all got sunscreened up and headed over in our dinghy for a wet entry and swim to the beach where the Baths adventure started. Chessie, Lauren, and I walked through all the various caves and climbed up and down wooden steps until we reached a bigger beach on the other side. We hung out there for a while with other members of our boat as well as many other members of dive side. Out of nowhere, it started pouring rain, and we got a nice fresh water rinse as well as some cool pictures. After a couple of hours hanging out at the Baths, we headed over to Spanish Town for our first time at port and going on land since we set sails on Day 2. At Spanish Town, we all walked down to a restaurant for lunch. Once we finished lunch, we walked back over to the shops and then returned to our boat. After Spanish Town, we had a lovely sail over to Mountain Point where we are now for our dive. I got to drive for the first time this session which was awesome. Once we reached Mountain Point, we got all set up for a training dive, where we were to practice what to do with panicked, exhausted, and out of air divers underwater. We finished the day with beef stroganoff, and for National Women in Diving Day, Alisa made us brown-ookies (brownies + cookies).