Location: Marina Cay

Early in the morning, we cracked open the massive bags of cereal. Crunchy and sweet, we enjoyed the breakfast of cereal in peace, everyone still half-asleep and partially dreaming. Around 10 AM, we reached land. It was a shore day today! Although we had visited land several days prior, the land felt unfamiliar and unnatural. I stumbled off the small dingy and onto land. After a couple of shaky steps, Amelie and I made it to our early lunch place. At the French Deli, we both got full baguettes, then later yummy blueberry muffins. With our shore time almost ending, the boat laughed and enjoyed our lunch on the pier while waiting for our dingy. Post dingy ride, we motored to the Baths. I spent the motor ride having a great conversation with Teddy and Zara. At the Baths, we explored through gigantic rocks to finally jump off a 15-foot rock into the bright blue water. It was paradise. I almost died laughing at people trying to get up the slippery and slimy rocks. Dinner was next, served up by the amazing chefs: Uma and Devon (David). The whole boat loved the creamy mashed potatoes, surprisingly good veggie burgers, and the fabulous beans. We finished the night by talking about everyone’s most important life lesson and a spectacular sunset.