Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Joie de Vivre started the day with some Pico sailing, followed by one of the most incredible dives I’ve ever done. We dove in the “sand highway” with incredible visibility. The Vegas enjoyed doing handstands (especially me), skills, and seeing plenty of fish. The Carinas saw a lionfish and an eel. The Questers got to clean the beach at Cam Bay. After the dive we were all hungry and enjoyed some yummy Tuscan bean soup. The highlight of Sofia’s day was being able to do a backflip off the boat for the first time. After all the flipping was over the boys competed in a backflip contest judged by the girls. Jake was the overall winner, but Zach won the first round. The next rotation of our day was waterskiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding. While Cam learned kneeboarding was not for lazy people, Danny, Jake, and Kevin saw an eagle ray jump out of the water 15 ft. Our last activity of the day was boat appreciation. We took time to clean our boat which has been our home for the past 11 days. Our chefs made us delicious tomato stroganoff, that we ate under a beautiful sunset. We are all getting ready to leave for Lifeworks, and I can smell the “surprise” cake baking in the oven. This was just another amazing day that we got to spend together in a beautiful place.