Location: West End, Tortola

Today we woke up to the morning CD for the second to last time. After breakfast, I went to the skipper’s meeting with Shona to prepare for our last race. We went back to the boat and got ready. Lining up all of the boats up between Pelican Island and Water Point, we started off the race in the worst place but soon passed everyone except for Aeolus. After tailing them the whole race, we were almost at the finish line between a yellow buoy and Fisher Point. Aeolus finished, but they crossed the wrong side of the buoy so once we crossed the line we finished in first when the race was over we brought all the food on deck but ended up throwing more overboard than what we actually ate. We ate eggs for lunch and then started a long and very hot clean up. After cleaning every inch of the boat we made it back to West End and had some free time on the dock. Sadly we have the last BBQ tonight but we are all excited to see our friends and family! date: Jul 27, 2017