Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning I woke up with a beautiful view of a fabulous boat with amazing people. Alex tapped my face because I wouldn’t wake up. Even though I was so tired, I totally wanted to get up and talk to all my shipmates. For some reason, I always look forward to the night when we all come together and talk. I love getting to know everyone with similar interests and such kind-hearted shipmates and staff. We all do so much together and do such amazing things that will last a lifetime. Getting to do all these things like diving, sailing, and watersports, last forever. I’m so happy to be surrounded by such great people that are my age. Today we went to climb rocks and go in caves. It was so cool even though I’m such a klutz. We all went to shore and to the Chez Bamboo restaurant. It was so nice to spend some time with everyone. After we ate we walked to go get ice cream, all the girls stayed together. After we ate we walked to the boat, took some photos, and began to sail. I was skipper, so I basically controlled the boat. I was honestly so scared because I never controlled a massive boat. I’m so happy Hannah helped out because I wouldn’t know what to do. Overall it was a great day. date: Aug 2, 2017