Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The beautiful day started with a very intense workout for the divemaster students. The workout consisted of a fast 400-meter swim followed by treading water for 15 minutes, with the last two minutes being hands-free treading. Then it concluded with us gearing up and performing diver tows. Finally, after the workout that we “loved,” we had breakfast together as a boat. After breakfast, we all dispersed into our respective programs. The Vegas and Carinas enjoyed the beautiful day with some waterskiing, Pico sailing, and scuba diving. Overall, just another day in paradise.

Meanwhile, the divemaster candidates enjoyed a morning of demonstrating skills both in and out of the water and an afternoon of reading the physiology section of The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving. For dinner, we were lucky enough to have Mike come over and join us. After dinner, we all took part in the classic AQ activity of choosing three black and white photographs. Overall, today was just another typical day down in the BVI. Learning, reading, studying, and most importantly, having fun! Also, we finally reconnected with our long lost boat mascot, Jamal. Spirits are much higher now that he is back.