Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Hey everyone! It’s Hannah here, reporting to you live from the best summer camp EVER! It’s been so wonderful here, and I feel so fortunate to be witnessing these amazing experiences. Today dawned early (of course) and bright, and we kicked it off with a Pico pirate race. In case you weren’t aware, Picos are the cutest, most fun, amazing little boats, so it’s always fun to sail them! Anyways the staff put chicklets, water bottles, and plastic bowls, assigned value in points to them, and set us off in groups of two to sail after it. It was hilarious because my friend Sophie and I got stuck like 5 times, but we didn’t capsize thank goodness! Afterwards, we took up anchor and went for a sail out of Muskmelon Bay and into the indigo seas. It was gorgeous out, with the crystal skies and the tiniest bit of morning fog shrouding the islands on the horizon. The wind was good, so we were going pretty fast! There were some large swells which weren’t great on the stomach but were fun to sail through. It was nice to helm, and I would go so far as to say it is my favorite job on the wheel, as it is always nice to be in control of your experiences, and of course, it’s always fun to have people actually listen to your commands. Right now we are prepping for the BBQ, which is exciting! Well, the dinghy is almost here and they are starting to take pictures, so I suppose I’m signing off and hustling up to the bow. Bye for now!