Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started off the day in Mountain Point, where we had an excellent breakfast, consisting of blueberry bagels, plain bagels, and yogurt! After all the dishes were cleaned, we raised the sails for four hours all the way to GHP. I learned how to take the helm and sail the correct point of sail. As we reached Great Harbor Peter, the Neptunes got ready for the first deep dive, and the Dolphins had an Underwater Photography lecture and dive! We then anchored across the bay and started our shower and swam time. We have a new addition to our boat, a floaty yummy bear called Gibby. After showers, we were able to learn how to dive a dingy around GHP by Lolo. It was easier than it looks and was a bunch of fun! We finished off the day with a delicious Mexican meal, made by Nick and Lilly. In the evening, we have some studies to do. The Neptunes have their wreck dive lecture, and the Dolphins are starting their research projects. We are excited for a fun day tomorrow, as it is paradise everyday!