Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We woke up this morning moving the boat in front of the dive site. As we watched the goats climb up the mountain, wee geared up for our first dive of the day! It was shocking to see the reef in the day this time. After last night’s night dive. It is such an amazing feeling that knowing under where we eat, sleep, and work there is a whole other unique world under our feet. Then we moved over to another boat to learn how to tie knots. I personally struggled with this but we all seemed to have got it in the end. Spending time on the boat gave us time to talk and dry up before we had to get back in the water to go waterskiing next to the lush hotels and mountains of Virgin Gorda. After doing a 360 on the kneeboard we got to go back to the boat and gear up for another dive. As we got in the water I played with a jellyfish floating around. Swimming with jellyfish makes you feel like you’re on an alien planet. The dive was beautiful as usual and we got to see some lionfish. Then we ate a nice dinner cleaned up and sat in the salon listening to each other’s fun experiences as we motored to our new destination.