Location: The Galapagos

The Amazon Ninja Warriors have traveled through the depths of Quito, the Andes, and of course, the Amazon. These warriors are on their last leg of another amazing adventure. The Galapagos island boat tour. They started their day in the fortress of Hotel Castro. After packing all their jaguar pelts and spears, they headed for the boat. The warriors hiked gallantly through less than two blocks of concrete jungle when they reached there home for the next four days. Once the warriors unpacked their pelts and spears, they went out on deck to enjoy the sea and sun. Then the warriors traveled through the highlands on another majestic beast known as the bus. Once we got off the great and noble bus, we saw some of the most amazing beasts. The amazing Galapagos turtles that can roam the earth for 200 years long before the first amazon ninja arrived. After we finished with our interaction with these old giants, we warriors say another natural beauty. We hiked through a 2 million-year-old cave formed out of lava. Once we completed the hike, we came back down to the boat, where we enjoyed a delicious feast of local delicacies, but sadly no grubs dead or alive. After the meal, we celebrated with tribal dancing and music. The music has been apart of the amazon ninja warriors traditions for thousands of years and was first introduced by the journey. These amazing songs were played through the shaman Boots magical device known as iPod. After hours of traditional dance in the light of the full moon, we set sail for another Fabulous island.