Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was quite a nice and enjoyable day. We woke up at Great Harbor and got to go waterskiing before breakfast, which was awesome. We had a nice french toast breakfast and pretty soon after that we were already on our way to Road Town. We raced Caribbean Soul and beat them (obviously, duh!). It was really fun. It is amazing to realize that by now we are all capable of sailing without the skipper’s help (ok, maybe a little help) but it does impress us how much we’ve learned throughout the whole trip. The Carinas had our flotilla and watchkeeper sailing exam, which we hopefully passed! After that, we spent a couple of hours at Road Town, where we had lunch, walked around, maybe shopped a little bit, and we got to call our parents (I was so lucky I could call my mom for her birthday). We came back to the boat after discussing how weird Craig looks when he’s wearing shoes, and sailed to Norman Island where we anchored and where we are sleeping tonight. We showered while having fun jumping off the midships, doing cannonballs and cool dives, and we all got excited because Dan accomplished doing a backflip!!! Then we had dinner, and Mike and Anna came over. We talked about how much we love squeezing (always before dinner someone asks a deep question to get to know our shipmates better) and we all agreed that during the trip we’ve all grown as a person and got the chance to think about deeper, philosophical things of life and learn more about ourselves and everyone around us and life in general. Today we realized that the Lifeworks program at ActionQuest is one of the things we are taking home and is one of the main things that make our experience here truly special.

Wow, I got inspired!