Location: West End, Tortola

We have come a long way since we departed West End those 21 days and 90 miles ago. Both physically and mentally we have challenged ourselves over the course of the trip, and through that adversity, we have successfully come together to meet our struggles with unflinching persistence. Watching Tyler pilot Aeolus to victory during the final race was exhilarating. Chris, Santiago, and Farah were quick to help out on the sheets and winches and kept the sails trimmed and smooth. The remaining crew sat as forward as possible up on the windward rail and made for great rail meat. Without them all up there Aeolus wouldn’t have cut the waves, nor flattened out enough to get ahead. It has been great teaching sailing and SCUBA diving to the students. Nathan successfully recovered the last man overboard fender a few days ago, and with that, all the Aeolians had passed their IYT practical exam. Hiking with Hannah and finding that painting together along the way was a great experience we shared, and one I will never forget. Meghan and Alice did excellently in their diving course and we’re spoken highly of whenever Jay or the other instructors were asked about how our students were. Silas or “Lil Mo” as he is known amongst the crew has been a source of great fun and endless laughter throughout the trip. Madison has been attempting to go toe to toe with Mo in many of the food challenges they have organized and she has nearly beaten him at a few. Watching Maddie nail a back flip on the boom swing was one of the highlights of the trip for the staff. Devyn has been our most avid wakeboarder and water skier. She tried both wakeboarding and waterskiing slalom style during the trip and manage to get up successfully on both. She really has a way with the water. It must be said that we dearly miss Amy who had to leave on Day 6. We think about her often and we hope she is well. The crew of Aeolus accomplished so much over these past 21 days, and the staff is really going to miss such a unique and energetic crew. Good luck Aeolusians, and may your next adventure be even greater! date: Jul 28, 2017