Location: West End, Tortola

It has been 16 days since we met one another on the docks at West End. In that time we have circumnavigated the island of Tortola and dove beneath its breathtaking waters. Jake and Caleb have been exceptional leaders on board and really got into commanding the crew and pressing as much speed from the sails as possible. Kavya has been a fantastic sailor as well and has kept morale among the crew high with delicious pancakes. Sean was equally as adept at keeping morale high with his humorous attitude. He took after Jake’s “two and a Rick Flair” cheer and always looked for opportunities to get the crew going. Jackson and Trey were the energizer bunnies of the group and took to the winches to grind out all of that extra juice. Madison was the expert on the trendiest new hit songs of the summer and had some fantastic suggestions. Lauren and Sam became the closest of friends and shared many laughs, even at 11 pm. Brandon and Vincenzo made a bond early on. They became excellent divers and loves staying up until the late hours of the night swapping stories and learning from each other. Alexa was our skipper on the beach final sail and brought us across the finish line in Boston style. All become great divers over the course of the trip and have experienced their first breaths underwater, as well as their first shipwreck. It has been a delightful voyage full of growth and adventure. date: Aug 15, 2017