Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up bright and early for our longest and most vigorous rescue training so far. We made and ate breakfast as quickly as possible while sailing to our dive site. We needed to get a shallow dive site as our rescue training involved equipment removal and as we are not yet certified rescue divers, needless to say, dropped equipment was inevitable. We began by learning and practicing how to surface an unresponsive diver. The underwater session went by quickly and upon surfacing we began practicing how to tow an unresponsive diver. The current was strong and there was a lot to remember, so the dive lasted around three hours, but I am proud to say that after those three hours everyone of us could perfectly and successfully rescue an unresponsive diver. After the dive we had a short sail to Trellis Bay for some time in port and a chance to try the legendary (and very creatively named) “awesome sandwich.” I’m not sure exactly how “awesome” the sandwich was but after our morning it was nice to have a good meal and a few hours to relax. When we got back on the boat we had a very short sail to Marina Cay where we moored for dinner and where we are going to spend the night. The day was difficult but very rewarding and a lot of fun! I’m sure we’ll sleep well tonight.