Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

At approximately 6:00, we woke up to the smell of Special K and Cheerios. We set off to West End, which is where we started our trip. Once on land, everyone enjoyed a very early lunch at 9:00 at Omar’s. It was extremely sad to see West End after Irma. Omar’s was the only place to get breakfast from. Their grocery store and small ice cream shop were no longer there, but we made the most of the 2 and a half hours we had by drinking Omar’s legendary smoothies! At 11:30 we began our sail and ended up at the wreck of the Rhone at 15.00. The dive was amazing! We saw a shark, a turtle, a ray, a giant lobster and around 20 squids! The dive came to an end, and so did the day. We sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island, showered with our adopted blow up zebra that we found in the ocean, name Hector, and had breakfast for dinner. During dinner, a beautiful sunset was behind the hills. We finished the night by studying for our test tomorrow which we need to pass to be certified. We spent some of the trip to GHP, and now we are coming full circle. As the journey comes to an end, we are going to enjoy every moment!