Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Dawn seemed to come in a hurry after an amazing day yesterday. Our crew rallied together to create and consume delicious pancakes. We then began man overboard drills. After throwing several people (actually, they were in fact, fenders) and then rescuing them, the Vegas jumped into the water for their first open water dive. As one of them, I saw tarpon, trumpet fish, lots of various other fish, not to mention lots of cool rocks and coral. After our dives, our entire crew was eager to wolf down the abundance of grilled cheese sandwiches that we created for lunch. Immediately after lunch, we hopped in several dinghies to go wakeboarding/waterskiing/kneeboarding/slaloming. A few drops soon turned into a monsoon as we quickly got hit with cats and dogs. Once we completed our navigation talk from Jack, our skipper, we crowded around the boat table for card games and magic tricks. Simultaneously our stomachs growled for the Thanksgiving meal that was filling the room with the intoxicating aroma. The rain is letting up, and I am looking forward to the meal that will soon be in front of me. Life in the islands is nothing short of paradise. These experiences that we are having will forever be ingrained in our memories. This is, and will forever be, the best summer ever!!