Location: West End, Tortola

My day started when I landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico and my rush to the plane to get to the BVI. I almost missed my flight but I made it. On my flight I met four different people from ActionQuest. After we landed on the island we had to take a van for an hour and a half because there was lots of traffic. When we arrived at the dock I went to my boat where I was the first person to arrive. So I waited till everyone arrived, which was about 5. At 5 we had our swim test which was two laps and treading water for ten minutes. After that we started dinner. Katy and I were on cook duty. We cooked tortellini, then we had a ship talk that covered the basic rules of the boat. Everyone went to bed early around 10pm. The people that slept outside were woken up in the middle of the night by a rainstorm. Besides the rain at night the first day was a good start to the trip.