Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very long day with many activities. To start off we woke up and within 2 hours we were preparing for the underwater naturalist dive. This dive was super fun because we got to see a wide variety of different fish and plants. The best part of the dive was when we went through a cave enclosure and saw a bunch of fish surrounding the walls. After we surfaced we immediately set sail. We sailed around the corner to a plane which was wrecked on purpose for a movie. This dive was technical because were around 65 feet down. Once we got to the bottom it was a short swim to the plane. It was amazing! The whole plane was intact except for the wings. We were all able to swim through it. All kinds of coral were growing inside it and the color combinations were amazing. Once we swam through we were permitted to break off the group with our buddy and explore. We saw a sting ray. After the dive Meghann started to bake some brownookies (brownie/cookies) and they tasted awesome. We then headed to Great Harbor where we anchored down and had dinner. Meghann also cooked which was greatly appreciated. We are now headed to a lecture for tomorrow’s dive. That ends the day. Today was awesome!